Kindergartners study one large science unit on trees. We learn about the parts of the tree, different types of trees, and the great things trees give us! At the end of our unit, we enjoy a nature trip where we study trees, leaves, and signs of fall.
 Our other kindergarten units offer many other opportunities to study specific science concepts such as weather, seasons, and animals. We also love to complete science experiments and make predictions about the outcomes!

Social Studies

In social studies we study 8 units that include:

  • Family, Friends, and Me
  • Seasons and Holidays
  • Land, Water, and Maps
  • The United States and the World
  • In Town
  • On the Farm
  • Children Around the World
  • Animals Around the World

Our social studies curriculum allows us to use a "big book" atlas that
invites hands-on learning!

In kindergarten we study 5 main health units that include:

  • The Five Senses
  • The Family Team
  • Adventures in Food
  • Getting Sick
  • Everyday Play