Looks forward to a great year!

Mr. Roberts
Email: troberts@annandale.k12.mn.us
Phone: 320-274-8226 ext. 2340

Personal Introduction

Welcome back!  I am pumped up and ready to go.  Thanks for checking out the site!  I look forward to getting to know you personally and introducing you to a fascinating and rich planet. As the globe continues to shrink and become more interdependent, the study of lands, peoples and cultures becomes that more important.  This is my 14th year here in Annandale and I like to believe I am finally getting the hang of it in terms of teaching!!!   I am a history buff, miniature artist, sports fan, family man and spend a considerable amount of time fishing.  We have a little cabin near Brainard I like to retreat to often during the year.  Oh ya, I also have an addiction to gaming.  I am sure there is something we can find in common...it is no wonder that I enjoy teaching young adults.   My son is a 9th grader  at AHS and my daughter is a 6th grader here at AMS...my wife is an U.S. Department of the Interior lawyer in the Cities.  We are all proud to call Annandale our home.

My goals for the year are quite simple.  We will first begin to DISSECT the world place by place, region by region.  Together we will begin to CONNECT this world knowledge to our lives here at home.  I think we may see clearly that no one in the world is isolated.   Lastly, it is my goal that we will move to ACCEPT that the world is a diverse place with so many perspectives, peoples and philosophies.  Along the way I hope to place a sharpened focus on reading, the taking of notes and overall comprehension skills.  Yes, a big task, but one that should interest and enrich.

Basic Information

Need a notebook or two.  

Colored pencils or markers would be great.

Need a folder. 

Text Provided:  Great book with student access online to text and other materials including study guides and pre tests.  Audio options available.

Limited Extra Credit.

Will cover two to three regions a quarter

Presentations, Group Work, Multi-media important components, emphasis on literacy

Maps, maps, maps!

Getting you ready for the "big show": high school!