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Course Description for Algebra 8

Algebra One is taught from the book published by McDougall Littell.   The chapters covered in this course include Expressions, Equations, and Functions, Properties of Real Numbers, Solving and Graphing Linear Equations and Functions, Writing Linear Equations, Solving and Graphing Linear Inequalities, Systems of Equations and Inequalities, and Exponents and Exponential Functions.

Accelerated Algebra One will cover Polynomials and Factoring, Quadratic Equations and Functions, Radicals and Geometry Connections, Rational Equations and Functions, and Probability and Data Analysis in addition to the above concepts.

Learning Goals

  • Explain mathematical relationship using tables, graphs, words, and equations.
  • Use basic math and problem-solving skills to solve real life problems.
  • Explain how and why we solve math problems.
  • Recognize patterns and trends is math relationships


  • Students must bring these supplies with them to class everyday.  If you run out of supplies you need to bring more from home.
  • 3 subject notebook
  • folder
  • pencils
  • scientific calculator (graphing calculators are provided as needed)




Homework and Class Work35%
Assignments must be turned in on their due date for full credit.  After the due date they are worth ½ credit until the chapter test. 

Tests and Quizzes60%
Quizzes are given after every few lessons during a chapter.  They are used to check our knowledge of the concepts we are learning.  Tests are given at the end of each chapter.  Students are given opportunities to study for quizzes and tests in class are well as through review assignments.  All tests will be announced.

Participation and Responsibility5%
Each quarter there are 100 points given to each student.  The goal is to not lose any of those points!   You can keep these points if you  complete and hand in the warm up for each day, come prepared and do not need to borrow a book, calculator, or pencil, and participate in class discussions.

Grading Scale (based on %)
93 – 100 = A
90 – 92   = A-
87 – 89   = B+
83 – 86   = B
80 – 82   = B-
77 – 79   = C+
73 – 76   = C
70 – 72   = C-
67 – 69   = D+
63 – 66   = D
60 – 62   = D-

Extra Credit opportunities are available!  Ask the Teacher for more information.

Math Links

*** These are just a few sites to help you with your homework, refresh your basic math skills, or practice skills through games and activities.  If you know of another site not listed, please feel free to share those with me.  I would love to add more.***

Classzone.com - The website for the Math/Algebra 8 Textbook.  You can find an electronic textbook, extra examples, practice problems and more.
Ask Dr. Math - Homework help site.  You can ask DR. Math about different math concepts, and receive step by step examples.
A+ Math - This site is great practice for our basic math skills.
Fun Brain - This site has a variety of games in all subject areas.  Check it out.