Grading Scale

100-95    A
94.9-90   A-
89.9-86   B+
85.9-83   B
82.9-80   B-
79.9-76   C+
75.9-73   C
72.9-70   C-
69.9-66   D+
65.9-63   D
62.9-60   D-
59.9- 0    F

Grading will include test and quizzes, daily assignments, larger projects, and class participation.

Extra Credit:  Extra credit will be offered throughout the year and can raise a grade up to one third of a grade.  Ex: B- to B.  Extra credit cannot make up for regular class assignments that are missing nor should it take precedence over the completion of regular classwork.

Late Work:  Late work will lose one letter grade per day late.  After five days, no credit will be given.  However, all major assignments MUST be turned in to pass the class.

Students have two days for every day absent to make up assignments given the day of the absence.  Assignments that are extended or comprehensive (we have been working on for a week, have known the deadline ahead of time, etc.) do NOT receive extra days, unless specially agreed upon by teacher and student. This goes for absence due to school sponsored events, too!

All assignments need to be turned in five days before the end of the term to receive credit.   If a student is absent for an extended period of time (five days) they have one week to turn in assignments.

**In the case of special circumstances, extentions may be given.  In order to recieve an extention, students must speak to me BEFORE the due date and we can come to an arrangement.  The morning an assignment is due is too late to arrange an extention.