The Annandale Drumline is in its fourth year of existence.  The make up of the group is 6 snares, 2 tenors/quads, 6 bass drums, and 5 cymbals!

Cardinal Drumline

Snare Line:

Josh Tracy &*

Meghan Pross

Austin Fournier

Emily Combs

Emily Wedde

Chris Strand


Bass Line:

Bass 1: Anna Bauer*

Bass 2: Shane Sabinski

Bass 3: Michelle Garmin

Bass 4:  Anna Zahler

Bass 5: Clayton Neuenschwander

Bass 6: Alec Fournier



Matt Fliegel*

Thomas Gross


Cymbals Line:

EmmaLee Woods *

Joscelyn Buchwald

Sam Isaac

Kiera Jacobson

Celeste Froehlich


&         denotes Drumline Captain

*          denotes Caption Captain





Times given are PARADE times.  Call times will be given at later dates.

May 27th, Annandale Memorial Day Parade, 10:00AM

June 9th, Albertville Parade, 12:00 (noon)

June 15th, Buffalo Parade, 6:00PM

June 19th, Foley Fun Days Parade, 7:00PM

June 27th, St. Cloud Granite City Parade, 10:00AM

July 4th, Annandale's 4th of July Parade, 10:00AM