Welcome to the AHS Music Program.  The following information will explain our expectations, performance attendance, and grading.  Please note that the 2nd page of this info sheet needs to be signed by both the student and parent/guardian.  This needs to be turned in to Mr. Peterson or Mr. Sellheim by Friday, Sept. 11th.  This is your first assignment worth 100 points.  Each day it is not turned in, 10 points will be deducted from your Music Skills portion of your grade.


Benefits to the student of participation in concerts are in direct proportion to the number of performances that he/she hears.  It is recommended that conductors encourage and/or compel their students to hear a minimum number of performances by other groups and to hand in a written report on this listening experience.


This written report should not encourage derogatory comment in any way.  Only constructive comments should be entertained.


1.      What was done in the way of stage presentation, discipline, and appearance that you particularly liked?





2.      What especially impressed you about your musical performance (intonation, balance, dynamics, etc.)?





3.      Were there any specific things another group did that you feel would add to the performance of your own group?





4.      What selection did you hear that you would like to perform with your group?




a.      Were you personally prepared for the concert performance?




b.      Was there a tangible over-all message that you could define?




5.      What future themes would you like to see the Annandale Band Program incorporate?





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