The AHS physical education attendance policy states that “if a student is absent for any reason he/she will lose attendance points.”

All students have the right to make up these points upon their return. However, all participation points must be made up within one week of the date of the absence.

The PE attendance policy also states that students must not accumulate more than 3 absences (every other day PE) or 5 absences (everyday PE) for which they have not made up participation points. Following the third or fifth absence, not made up, students will receive a failing grade for the class.  The PE attendance policy also states that if a student is absent 6 days (every other day PE) or 11 days (everyday PE) throughout one quarter, whether made up or not, the student will receive an F for the quarter. 

Encourage your child to make up the participation points if he/she is absent from physical education class during the remainder of the quarter.

If you have any questions, please call the Dean of Students at 274-8208, ext. 3601