BFS Elective (10th - 12th)

                           BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER COURSE OUTLINE
In a typical week:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Weight Lifting, Dot Drill, Abs, Stretching
Tuesday and Thursday – Cardio, Abs, stretching

Weight lifting (6 points per week, 2 pts.  per day)
Day 1                                Day 2                         Day 3
Bench Press                     Power Cleans             Towel Bench
Parallel Squat                  Incline or Hex             Box Squat
Leg Curl                            Lunges                         LegCurl                      
Leg Extension                  Step-ups                       Leg Extension
Straight Leg Deadlift        Straight Arm Raises      Straight Leg Deadlift    
Arm Curls                          DB Bench Press            Arm Curls
Tricep Extension               Shoulder Press             Tricep Extension

Cardiovascular Training (4 points per week, 2 pts. per day) 

Attendance (20 points for the quarter)

1 point off per absence not made up within 1 week.
2 tardies equals 1 absence from class.  Tardies cannot be made-up.
On your 6th absence that’s not made up, you will credit for the class.
On your 11th absence from class, you will lose credit for the class
Dress Days  - #1 loss of 2 pts, #2 loss of 8 pts, #3 loss of credit

Papers/Cardio Test (8-12 points for the quarter)

Grading Scale – 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% with plus and minus

*All make-ups must be completed during the 60 minute lunch period.

*Lifting Day – Missed lifts must be completed

*Cardio Day - 20 minutes on a machine